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Project : Bromont, New Build

Nestled in Nature, this was my second time working with these lovely clients. They trusted me and we settled on a minimalist look that would set off the sense of natural light and sheer volume of the space. The idea was to establish a canvas for casual living that would feel balanced in the space and could evolve with the owners taste and budget over time. I chose muted earth tones  and wood finishes that tied in with the landscape. One of the challenges was 'budget, budget, budget' so I worked with a traditional kitchen mill in melamine and laminates and developed designs that felt custom and researched for their historical value to offer a touch of luxury and up scale flair. Setting the mood with natural light hitting the simplest surfaces and accenting with under light LED in the main room, and staircase. The idea was to create spareness whilst still enveloping the home in a warm cocoon.


My reference was minimalism meets art deco, thus, the gold accents, marble spa baths and purist kitchen. The drama had to come from the spareness and the audacity of the volumes. I loved this project and I wish my clients the happiest of life in their second home. 

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